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Almost 30% believe in haunted houses

Belief in Haunted Houses

"Perhaps because most people have to search no farther than their own hometowns to find a house that's rumored to be haunted, more people in each country believe in haunted houses than any of the supernatural or paranormal items tested; 37% of Americans believe, as do 28% of Canadians and 40% of Britons." -Gallup

What we do

Paranormal research is the study & research of all things unknown, unexplainable, unquantifiable, or even immeasurable in accordance with the laws of mainstream science.

Due to the frequency of reports and our mutual interest in the topic, ghosts and hauntings (including alternative hypotheses) are our primary area of study.

  • We collect, study, and research reports of paranormal phenomena
  • We provide a means to document localized phenomena that may be considered paranormal in nature
  • We provide individuals an avenue to relate their experiences without prejudice
  • We research history (when possible) to see if it does or does not sync with the phenomena in question
  • We sort fact from fiction with regards to legends, folklore, stories, or hypotheses about paranormal phenomena
  • We do not research or investigate from a position of absolute belief or disbelief
  • We do not remove spirits, hunt, or bust ghosts
  • We do not charge or solicit our clients for donations
  • We do not sensationalize or dramatize our research or investigations for entertainment purposes
  • We do not seek to impose our own opinions or interpretations

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