4 Ghostly Photographic Techniques Explained

Light Painting

A while ago I wrote an article titled The Orb Controversy, where I explained the natural cause of what some people refer to as “orbs”. As an addendum to that article, I would like to explain several other ghostly photographic techniques that are commonly misinterpreted as paranormal. The key to understanding these techniques is first … Continue Reading »

Ovilus: Outlook not so good


When it comes to paranormal research, reality TV has given many people the impression that it takes specialized pieces of equipment in order to conduct on-site investigations. Beyond audio and video recording equipment, those who call themselves ghost hunters may not even be able to explain the purpose or operation of the devices they regularly … Continue Reading »

Truro’s First General Hospital

Truro, 2014 - Photo Credit: Mila Jones

The Maritime Paranormal team was invited to investigate this property because of its historical significance and due to the reported experiences of the tenants. Among the reports, residents have heard footsteps, witnessed objects move on their own, and heard a piano play with no one near it. Even before the opening of the Ainslie Hospital … Continue Reading »

Ghosts of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisbourg - 2013 Photo Credit: Justin Wiswell

This summer has been a back-to-back marathon for the folks here at Maritime Paranormal. We’ve recently spent the night at two of Canada’s National Historic sites: the Port Royal Habitation and Fort Anne in beautiful Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. After our recent trip to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, we’ve barely had time to catch our breath … Continue Reading »

Haunted Girl – Book Review


Haunted Girl Esther Cox & The Great Amherst Mystery Author: Laurie Glenn Norris  With Barbara Thompson ISBN: 978-1-55109-907-1 Purchase Link “Haunted Girl – Esther Cox & the Great Amherst Mystery” is a recent addition to Nimbus & Vagrant Publishing’s long list of Eastern Canadian paranormal & folklore focused literature.  The authors, Laurie Glenn Norris & Barbara Thompson, go … Continue Reading »

Can fear-monger, have puppy, need work


Where little is known about the possible causation of inexplicable events; whether it be ghosts, psychical phenomena, or UFOs, one has to wonder how certain people acquire their “expertise” in diagnosing & resolving issues that are considered unknown, unexplained, or unproven. There currently are no training programs or courses offered by accredited institutions dealing with … Continue Reading »

Fort Anne & Port-Royal Habitation

Port Royal Habitation, Dining Room, Photo Credit: Justin Wiswell

We’d like to thank the staff at Parks Canada for allowing us the privilege of conducting on-site research at Fort Anne National Historic Site and Port-Royal National Historic Site, on May 19th & 20th, 2012. Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff at these two locations, our team members became as much tourists … Continue Reading »

Road trip, Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary

Sometimes it’s nice to get away… Lots of people look forward to their vacations throughout the year, biding their time until they’re lying on a tropical beach, carelessly sipping margaritas. But what type of vacation would a group of paranormal enthusiasts take? How about exclusive access to one of the oldest, most dilapidated and allegedly … Continue Reading »

Flashlight Vigils & the Paranormal

Flashlight - Courtesy Wikipedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Mrmariokartguy

Are Flashlights illuminating new ways to communicate? For the last few years many paranormal enthusiasts have been using flashlight vigils in attempts to elicit yes/no responses at purportedly haunted locations. The experiment itself is usually conducted with a single flashlight but variations have included multiple flashlights of the same make and model.  The flashlight is … Continue Reading »

A Brief History of Halloween


It’s that time again, to dress up, trick or treat, and carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. What makes Halloween special is that it is essentially a North American phenomenon, and one that represents the best that the multiculturalism of Canada and the United States has to offer. Halloween gets its roots from an amalgam of the … Continue Reading »