Frequently Asked Questions

What can be considered “Paranormal”?

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, 2009, defines Paranormal as:

“Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation”.

From this we can gather that research of a paranormal nature implies the research of all things unknown, unexplainable, unquantifiable, or even immeasurable in accordance with the laws of mainstream science.

Why hunt ghosts?

The short answer is, we don’t hunt ghosts. Not only has the definition of a ghost never been universally agreed upon, there has never been any empirical evidence collected that can prove the existence of ghosts. Yet, stories and folklore on the subject date back thousands of years and new stories and encounters continue to be reported regularly. One thing we can be certain of – ghosts are a cross-cultural phenomenon reported worldwide by even the most isolated communities & cultures regardless of religion or credo.

‘Ghosts’ do fall under the label of paranormal and therefore are an area of research and investigation that we have and will continue to pursue. We maintain that we do not “hunt” or “bust” ghosts, clear houses, or perform exorcisms; we provide a means to collect data in an effort to debunk or validate experiences & events that may be considered paranormal.

What type of equipment or tools does your team use and how do you conduct investigations?

We use a combination of audio, video, and standard environmental measurement instruments to conduct our investigations.

We seek to monitor and document as many controlled variables in an environment as possible with the resources available to us.

Fact, history, and experiences make up a large part of our investigative process.

Do you help people with the paranormal or just investigate locations?

After conducting on-site research, we can more often than not offer a natural explanation. We are also prepared to support our clients by explaining theories regarding paranormal experiences, discussing living with the paranormal, sharing our knowledge and experience – if we feel such conversation is warranted.

We will continue to do follow-ups with the people who contact us by request via email or phone, or Skype video-conferencing. Often one investigation is not enough, and a case might require more research over time.

What sets Maritime Paranormal apart from the the crowd?

We try to assert an air of professionalism, respect, honesty, composure, and skepticism while dealing with our clients and/or any paranormal phenomena that we may encounter during our investigations.

We understand that not all of the people who contact us share the same opinions, and as such, we treat each inquiry on a case by case basis. We will do our best to accommodate the religious/spiritual needs of our clients, however, we do not seek to impose our own beliefs or opinions upon them. We are dedicated to providing people with whatever answers we can ascertain, or exhaust all efforts trying.

I feel there’s something paranormal happening in my home… how much will it cost for an investigation?

This is our most frequently asked question. We offer our time FREE OF CHARGE and at no point will we ever ask you for any form of reimbursement or approach you with a bill of any kind. We have not, and will not charge or solicit a client for our services.

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