Road trip, Eastern State Penitentiary

Sometimes it’s nice to get away…

Lots of people look forward to their vacations throughout the year, biding their time until they’re lying on a tropical beach, carelessly sipping margaritas. But what type of vacation would a group of paranormal enthusiasts take?

How about exclusive access to one of the oldest, most dilapidated and allegedly haunted historic prisons in North America?

Eastern State Penitentiary Gates

We’ve decided to pack things up this June and head south of the border to investigate Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA. Eastern State Penitentiary has been host to many paranormal investigations in recent years, and has been the focus of a number of paranormal programs and documentaries.

The building has had a number of ghostly reports throughout its history – some even speculate that it may be in the Top 10 ‘most haunted’ places in America. Whatever the case, we’ll make the best of having the place to ourselves for an evening! We’re interested in seeing if it lives up to the hype.

While in Philadelphia, we also plan to visit Fort Mifflin for some historic tours and daytime exploring.

We’re looking forward to a great trip with great friends!

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