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Our client has lived in her home for over five years. Over this time she and numerous other people have reported paranormal activity in almost every section of the house (which is of Victorian design, thought to be 100-200 years old). The home is situated near the infamous (now abandoned) Springhill mines.

Private Residence - Photo Credit: Mila Jones

Private Residence – Photo Credit: Mila Jones

The Maritime Paranormal team were all present for the duation of the investigation. The team went to the Springhill Mining Museum and took a guided tour of the buildings and underground mine shaft. Following this, the team drove to the client’s house, met with the client, and began the hands-on investigation.

Due to the large amount of unexplainable audio, including class A EVP (a number of intelligent responses); personal experiences of the team, the client, and house guests; the Maritime Paranormal team has agreed that the client’s home has some anamolous/paranormal activity and warrants further investigation.

The Maritime Paranormal team intends to return for a follow-up investigation due to the quantity of audio anomalies and continued reports of paranormal activity in the home.


6 A.M.

This was captured on the second floor of the house at the top of a staircase. Nobody was present on the floor at this time (the background noise is coming from some team members in the kitchen). There is a voice saying ’6am’ at 1.5 seconds as well as a similar breathing sound at the end of the clip.


Catch Me

This was captured by the digital audio recorder sitting at the top of the stairs (as with clip #1). The three men are in the kitchen chatting and the females are in a separate room. At approx. 10 seconds into the clip you can hear a voice speaking on top of one of the guys’ voices (who is asking “how much space do you have on your hard-drive?”) saying, ‘catch me’.


Ask Not

This was captured on the second floor (no one was present), and sounds like an effortful attempt at saying, ‘ask not’.


Response – NO

All of the investigators and clients were present in the dining room together during this clip. The female client asks “do you like me?” and there is a soft ‘no’ which can be heard in reply around 15 seconds.



While the three women were upstairs chatting, there is a voice around 6 seconds that says, ‘Carolyn’ (which although spelled ‘Caroline’ is how you pronounce the name of one of our female investigators).


Offer It

This is a very short and soft clip. The voice captured is saying ‘offer it’ (perhaps in reference to the coffee that had just been made).


Oh really now?

While discussing theories regarding the ionization of air (thought to give potential spirits an energy source to manifest), we believe an interested entity is saying ‘oh really now’ at the end of the clip.


Oh my God / You’re like an old woman

There are three unexplained sounds in this clip. First, after the male investigator says “take a break” there is a high pitched noise, then what sounds like someone saying – ‘Oh my God’, then at 7 seconds a male voice says, ‘you’re like an old woman’. The males present in the house were ruled out as having said this.


You can tell me

Two investigators are talking quietly while on the upstairs floor of the house. There is a third voice captured saying, ‘you can tell me’. (This is clip is soft and may need more volume / enhancement.)


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