Roselane Manor Audio II

Due to the large amount of unexplainable audio, including class A EVPs (a number of intelligent responses); personal experiences of the team, the client, and house guests; the Maritime Paranormal team agreed to a second investigation of the Springhill Nova Scotia residence.

Private Residence - Photo Credit: Mila Jones

Private Residence – Photo Credit: Mila Jones

The Maritime Paranormal team visited the client’s home in Springhill, NS, to reveal our findings and perform a follow up investigation of the residence. Interesting audio/EVPs captured from the first investigation were revealed to the client as well as her guests. Following the reveal, two of the client’s guests went home; leaving the client, a guest, and the four members of Maritime Paranormal to participate in the investigation.

After our initial investigation, the client reported that she is feeling more comfortable in her home after having some of her experiences validated by the team. She no longer feels threatened when experiencing unexplainable activity in her home and has reported that she has performed a clearing, and may repeat this process should the activity escalate.

Based on the experiences and findings captured, the Maritime Paranormal team still feels that the home has some anamolous/paranormal activity and warrants further investigation.


Response – NO

A voice responding ‘no’ to the client’s question – “couldn’t we just be friends?”


Oh my God

All the investigators and clients are in the same room talking about past experiences. One of the female investigators is speaking about footsteps she heard, and when she says “before I was into the paranormal” there is a voice saying ‘oh my God’ at the same time (right after the 3 second mark).


I get to you / come back

As the clip begins, the male client says “pee break” directly after which can be heard loudly – ‘I get to you’. This is relevant as the client and female investigator had been just been discussing similar dreams they had where a nasty entity said ‘I can get to you whenever I want’. There is a second EVP in this clip, much softer than the first (at around 5 seconds) which clearly says, ‘come back’.


In there (may require enhancement)

The two female investigators are upstairs on their own (discussing the former layout of the house during the time when a male resident had passed away in the home). Very softly at the end of the clip there is a voice saying what sounds like, ‘in there’.


Oh my

During this clip the male and female clients were joking around with each other. After the male client says “what?” you hear a separate voice say, ‘oh my’.


On the floor

The two female investigators are touring the second floor of the home with the rest of the group heard in the background (in the kitchen on the first floor). You can hear a voice say ‘on the floor’ at the same time as the female investigator who is talking. This is relevant as the previous owner had been found deceased on that side of the house, laying on the floor. Listen carefully around 4.5 seconds.


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