Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation

Happy New Year from Maritime Paranormal! We hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!

Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation

Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation – Today (Jan 1st, 2011) we are headed to Springhill, Nova Scotia, to conduct an investigation at a client’s residence.  This is our second investigation at this particular location.

Our first investigation at this residence yielded quite a few EVPs as well as a few other audio anomalies; this time we’re planning on adding our new DVR system to our arsenal! Wish us luck!

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4 thoughts on “Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation

  1. Do the towers at the top of Princess St. in Springhill N.S. give off an EMF? I live directly across the st. and I always feel sick and am throwing up and am paranoid…but whenever I leave…I feel fine.

  2. We haven’t personally visited the towers on princess st., but if these are electrical towers that you live across from then it’s within the realm of possibilities. Being within 300ft of high-powered lines for any amount of time can adversely effect your health. Some symptoms can include paranoia, dizziness, as well as other physical manifestations.

  3. I believe she is talking about the water towers. Did your second investigation yield anything interesting


  4. Thats my sisters moms house and i cant listen to the clips do i have to sign up or something or is my comp just not compatable?

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