Summer Events 2011 – Annapolis Royal, Liverpool, and Halifax

We have a busy summer ahead of us! As it stands now we have two confirmed investigations in Nova Scotia for July 2011 – a revisit to a previously investigated private residence with an abundance of alleged paranormal activity in Liverpool, Nova Scotia on July 2nd; as well as a private residence in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia later in the month.

The Maritime Paranormal team has also been invited to investigate two other locations in the Annapolis County of Nova Scotia this summer. Both of these locations are alleged to have an abundance of paranormal activity as well. The invitation was extended by a very generous individual who is working towards providing us with some other very historically significant locations to investigate in the general area. (To our client with the initials NS, a big thank you is in order!)

In other related news, Mila & Erin from Maritime Paranormal ¬†will be attending the PRS Canada tour hosted by Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell @ the Neptune Theater in Downtown Halifax, NS, on July 24th – AND will also be attending Chip Coffey’s (Coffey Talk) lecture @ the Lord Nelson in downtown Halifax on September 11th, 2011. They have already splurged on their VIP tickets for both events, so let’s hope they’re not left as wanting as their wallets!

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