Summer Events 2011 – Annapolis Royal, Liverpool, and Halifax

Taken on the Spot by Capt. J. Hamilton 1753

We have a busy summer ahead of us! As it stands now we have two confirmed investigations in Nova Scotia for July 2011 – a revisit to a previously investigated private residence with an abundance of alleged paranormal activity in Liverpool, Nova Scotia on July 2nd; as well as a private residence in Dartmouth, Nova … Continue Reading »

Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation

Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation

Happy New Year from Maritime Paranormal! We hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve! Springhill Nova Scotia Investigation – Today (Jan 1st, 2011) we are headed to Springhill, Nova Scotia, to conduct an investigation at a client’s residence.  This is our second investigation at this particular location. Our first investigation at this residence yielded … Continue Reading »

Winter Solstice & Eclipse!

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Tonight (December 20th, 2010) will mark the Winter solstice, as well as a total lunar eclipse. Due to dust, pollution, and light pollution, the moon will appear red/orange in color. The eclipse is expected to start at approximately 1am EST, will reach totality at 2:41 am EST, and will conclude at 5am EST. An eclipse … Continue Reading »