Truro’s First General Hospital

The Maritime Paranormal team was invited to investigate this property because of its historical significance and due to the reported experiences of the tenants. Among the reports, residents have heard footsteps, witnessed objects move on their own, and heard a piano play with no one near it.

Even before the opening of the Ainslie Hospital in 1917, and Truro’s first public hospital in 1926, there was the General Hospital that operated from 1908-1910.

“The large new house lately built …has been leased and will be at once fitting up for a General Hospital. The proprietors of this new institution are two young ladies, Miss Rebecca Cameron of Truro and Miss (J.M.) Smith of Oxford, N.S., both of whom are graduates of Taunton Hospital, also of Bellevue Hospital of New York City. To begin with, ten regular, latest pattern hospital beds will be in readiness for patients. An up-to-date operating table, also all necessary surgical supplies, have been bough from New York…” – Excerpt from ‘Historic Colchester – Towns & Countryside’

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Electronic Voice Phenomena

Clip 1 – We were sharing stories about the belief that electronic devices can get messed up with surges of emotion or energy. The EVP we hear is around 5.5 seconds into this clip and may be saying “Aren’t you one of them?”.

Clip 2 – We were discussing the reported activity and experiences of the residents. The EVP we hear is just before 5 seconds.

Clip 3 – One of the female investigators is commenting on the ‘heaviness’ in the room – the EVP we hear is around 2 seconds.

Clip 4 – This clip is just as we were standing up and deciding where to head next. One of the female investigators suggested we try heading upstairs again. The EVP is at the end of the clip.

Clip 5 – One of the female investigators comments on feeling a shift of energy, away from the room. There is a voice at the end of the clip that seems to say “that was a test”.



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2 thoughts on “Truro’s First General Hospital

  1. My son went to daycare in this building and there was an endless amount of strange occurrences. Lights turning on and off, footsteps on the stairs, vacuums and other household items that turned on by themselves, voices, laughter. Definitely a very active place!

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