Winter Solstice & Eclipse!

Tonight (December 20th, 2010) will mark the Winter solstice, as well as a total lunar eclipse. Due to dust, pollution, and light pollution, the moon will appear red/orange in color.

Winter Solstice & Eclipse Photo Credit: wikipedia Commons -

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons –

The eclipse is expected to start at approximately 1am EST, will reach totality at 2:41 am EST, and will conclude at 5am EST. An eclipse has not taken place on a solstice since 1638 – four centuries ago!

The full moon is proven to greatly impact the geomagnetic field of Earth. ┬áMany paranormal investigators/researchers believe that an increase in the geomagnetic field may lead to increased activity or probability of making contact with spiritual entities. They’re not the only subculture to place significance on full moons; Pagans and many other ancient religons celebrate solstices (and eclipses) as a time of high energy and worship, and a time to pay homage and placate their deities to bring back the sun.

The full moon is also held by many to be a time when sensitivies or abilities are increased. Although studies into this phenomena have so far been fruitless. Increases in ER admission are said to correspond with such events, however there is little data to suggest this, however the term “Lunatic” was originally derived from the word “Luna” or “Moon”.

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